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You gotta perform like a king to live like a king.

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Tupac resurrection via computerized hologram image 

I miss you Tupac. The world needs your sight more now than ever. Repping the Thug Life, but the man will always get my respect for his vision and his words. Maybe so many people still think you’re alive because they don’t want to live in a world with out you. I never thought of it like that until now.
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pic of the NBA commercial for my My Player.
(unlocked after you drop 50 pts in a game.)

pic of the NBA commercial for my My Player.
(unlocked after you drop 50 pts in a game.)

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I don’t need to “bring the Bacon home” to feel more powerful or anything like that. I believe relationships are simpler than most make them. It’s about two people wanting to be with each other. Money or social stature shouldn’t have any effect on true love. Embrace what the other is doing, and just focus on being happy with one another.

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I’m tired of being treated like garbage by trash itself.

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A woman who says what they mean.
A woman who knows she’s my number one.
A woman who doesn’t lie to feel important.
A woman who remembers who’ve they’ve slept with.
A woman who appreciates what they’ve got.
A woman who can make me laugh.
A woman who’s going places.
A woman who loves hip hop music.
A woman who loves basketball.
A woman who hasn’t been with any of my friends.
A woman who doesn’t need riches and fame.
A woman who just wants real love.
A woman who recognises my character, and loves me for it.
A woman who just wants to be with me.

I could think of fourteen different things, but I still feel like I don’t ask for much.

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Song of the day:

I Don’t Dance by DMX & MGK.


DMX is still my favorite rapper. Be on the lookout, he’s gunna be back on top soon enough.

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Song of the day:

Give it to Me by Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, and Justin Timberlake

Had this stuck in my head all day.

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